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Friends of the Library Street Fair Fun for Everyone
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Everyone had a great time at the 15th Annual
Street Fair sponsored by the Friends of the Library and the Howard County Library District.  Over 100 visitors had fun dancing and singing with musical guest Babaloo.
Treats were provided by the Optimist Club and Tip the Clown created great balloon fun. The Friends of the Library once again helped the library create an evening of fun.

Library to Hand Out Eclipse Glasses

Fayette Library District will be one of 4,800 public libraries across the United States which will distribute free eclipse glasses prior to the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017. The glasses will be provided by a major outreach program initiated by the Space Science Institute (SSI).  

According to the website, "The so-called Great American Eclipse will pass over the U.S. along a stretch of land from Oregon to South Carolina. Viewers in the path of totality, which spans about 70 miles (113 kilometers) wide, will see the moon directly pass in front of the sun, briefly turning day into twilight. Skywatchers outside that path will still see a partial eclipse, when part of the sun will still be in view."  Fayette is in the path of the total eclipse.  However the website warns that "looking up at the sun, even when it is partially covered by the moon, can cause serious eye damage, which is why skywatchers need special solar-viewing glasses." 

This outreach project is funded by a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to SSI, a nonprofit corporation focused on science research, education and outreach. The project is also supported by Google, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and NASA, according to a statement from the SSI.

new booksEvery month the library purchases new books.  You can check out the newest selections by clicking on the picture to the left.  If you have requests, talk to a member of the library staff and they will pass your request on to the Book Selection Committee.
Come read our periodicals, newspapers.  The Howard County Library District presently subscribes to the following periodicals:   Consumer Reports with Buying Guide, Ebony Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Missouri Life, National Geographic,Sports Illustrated, Taste of Home, and Time Magazine.   In addition, the library subscribes to the Columbia Tribune,Glasgow Missourian, The Fayette Advertiser, and The Democratic Leader.  All of these are available in the reading room on a daily basis.  In addition, the library has other periodicals which have been donated by some of our patrons.
Visit us on  facebook logo For more information about upcoming library events including special story hours.
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